Nuova Everplastic | Quality & Development
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Quality & Development


Our philosophy has always been based on putting the customer in the core of the productive process by two principal activities:


  • The continuos studying of the newest materials on the market, which are tested and blended in order to get products with superior physical and chemical characteristics;
  • The development and the research (especially on international publications) of the most recent productive tecniques to obtain the best product for each customer.

In order to guarantee high productive standards, we make severe lab tests both on the granules bought and on the products.

Every test is executed according to international standard procedures – i.e. ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials).


  • On the granules are determined the chemical characteristics to develop the best blends and process conditions;
  • The articles produced are tested to verify that the optical and mechanical properties are responding to the customer’s needs.; moreover (if U.V. additivation is required) we can test the resistance of the product to the degradation induced by ultraviolet radiation.