A Story that begins in 1967

Founded in Calenzano in 1967, within a few years Nuova Everplastic began to establish itself as a real point of reference for the production of packaging in Tuscany.
It is the period in which the foundations are laid for the future growth of the company, devoted to technological innovation and the continuous search for new production methods. All this to achieve a single purpose: complete customer satisfaction.
Over the years, the evolution has been continuous: but it is above all at the beginning of the 2000s that our reality began to expand with progressive rapidity. In 2004, a new plant was inaugurated, much larger and equipped with modern equipment; while in 2008 the extrusion plants increased from 6 to 9, so as to considerably increase the range of products that can be produced and the production capacity.
The success of these improvements was not long in coming, and already in 2010 the thermoplastic welding department was further strengthened, while the following year a regeneration plant was purchased, so as to be able to re-enter the production cycle. Most of the processing by-products, thus optimizing the entire production cycle and reducing the environmental impact.

Furrow, that of attention to the environment, on which the company has moved over the course of the last decade: 2015 is the year in which the energy efficiency of the company is achieved, so as to significantly reduce the energy expenditure. All this without ever losing sight of the quality of our products: in 2018 the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications were obtained.
Finally, 2020 was the year in which we obtained one of our greatest satisfactions: the ‘Second Plastic – From Separate Collection’ certification. A fundamental project, which allows us to produce products using regenerated granules from the recycling of selected plastic waste. Considerably reducing the environmental impact.

Sustanaibility and Environment

We have always worked to make our industry increasingly sustainable. The last few years have in fact been marked by obtaining the international certification “Second Life Plastic – From Separate Waste Collection”: a real milestone (we were the first in our sector to obtain it), because it allows us to create products through use of recycled plastic granules. With enormous benefits for the environment.

Leader in packaging production for more than 50 years

Currently Nuova Everplastic has a production capacity of about 6,000 tons per year, and thanks to the skills and experience gained over the last 50 years we are able to develop a wide range of products specially designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. The sales activity extends to the entire Italian territory, as well as to several European and non-European countries.

All this has allowed us, over the years, to become the official packaging suppliers of important groups and companies, such as Poste Italiane S.p.A.


Materials, dimensions, colors, prints: each product is ‘tailor-made’ for you.


Design, production and delivery: speed is one of our hallmarks.


From the regeneration of industrial waste to second life plastic: Nuova Everplastic means respect for the environment.


Our staff is always ready to solve your problems. We place the customer at the center of our world.

Our Mission

Our business philosophy is based on three cornerstones: maximum product quality, a continuous search for new technologies and respect for the environment. All this to achieve a single goal: your complete satisfaction. Professionalism, competence, ethics.