What is it

All plastics are the result of the polymerization of basic molecules (monomers) from petroleum processing: normal plastic, before becoming packaging, is presented in the form of granules which are then processed to obtain the finished product.

For years Nuova Everplastic has been committed to reducing environmental pollution, which is why we have requested and obtained the “Second Life Plastic – From Separate Collection” certification: a brand that certifies the ability to make products through the recycling of plastic from separate collection.
Each of our products, in fact, can be made either with pure plastic granules or with regenerated granules, coming from recycling. The chemical-physical quality of the final product is identical – only the color of the product changes – but choosing the latter solution involves a drastic reduction of the environmental impact.

Information brochure on Second Life Plastic

How Second Life Plastic is produced

The process that leads to the creation of Second Life Plastic starts with the separate collection of plastic waste. Among these, in fact, those that can be recycled are selected (some of them, in fact, cannot be reused) and then transformed back into granules through a regeneration operation. The regenerated raw material is then extruded again to obtain qualitatively excellent products with a very low environmental impact.

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