We have a wide selection of polypropylene adhesive tapes in various colors and sizes. Each of these can be customized by the customer with specific prints. To request a specific product, simply contact our customer service.


high adhesive power
high mechanical traction

Our customers can choose from a wide range of manual and industrial stretch films, transparent or colored, customizable with company logos or other required prints.


      uv resistant
  heat shrinkable
high adhesive power

We supply support cones for yarns, both in plastic and paper, of various shapes and sizes.

​We have polypropylene packing straps with high resistance, in various lengths and thicknesses.

Wide choice of bubble wrap sheets, available in reels of various lengths and widths.

Products available in second life plastic from separate wate collection also.

Download the certification Ambra Eco Ever Plastic Second Life from separate waste collection.

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